About me

Bumper DeJesus is a five-time New York Emmy award-winning video and multimedia editor. He is a founding member of The Star-Ledger video department and is now leading a team of photo and video specialists as Managing Producer for Multimedia for the newly launched, digitally focused company, NJ Advance Media.





Awards and nominations

  • New York Emmy Award Winner '15 - 'Being George' Best Documentary

  • 3 New York Emmy nominations '15 (12 total group)

  • New York Emmy Award Winner '14 - Saving Shabazz documentary

  • 5 New York Emmy nominations '14 (16 total group)

  • New York Emmy Award Winner '13 - State of Reflection documentary

  • New York Emmy Award Winner '13 - State of Reflection tablet app

  • 8 New York Emmy nominations '13 (19 total group)

  • New York State Broadcasters Association winner '12 - State of Reflection (Outstanding Documentary / WNET)

  • 3 New York Emmy nominations '11

  • New Jersey Press Association '11 - Second Place Award - editorial illustration

  • New York Emmy Award Winner '10 - Ledger Live (Interactivity), editor

  • 2 New York Emmy nominations '09 - motion graphics; Chain of Life (Documentary), team

  • New Jersey Press Association '09 - First Place Award - Chain of Life

  • Society of Newspaper Design Award of Excellence '07 - news magazine section

  • New Jersey Understanding Award '06 - Multimedia

  • Silver Gavel '06 (team)

  • Best of Photo Journalism '06 - photo editor and designer

  • New York Press Photographer Association '06 - First Place Award- editorial illustration

  • New Jersey Press Photographer Association '06 - Third Place Award - editorial illustration










"Bumper is a force. He is an extremely quick study, able to adapt to needs at an amazing rate. He is a go-to person. Bumper's presence has allowed our company to attempt new ventures that we would not have been able to approach without him."

- George, Design Director/Graphics Director

"The first time I met Bumper, he shook my hand and looked me in the eye. Sure everybody does that, but this was different. It was more like a hero arriving to save the day, than just a greeting. And that's what Bumper is, a hero. He's an amazing person to have on any team doing anything. He's got great leadership skills and technical skills. He can turn anything into a compelling video, animation, website, visual or audio. And he possess another important quality that is a huge asset to any newsroom: a tack sharp wit."

- Hassan, Director of Web Development

 "During the eight years I've had the pleasure to work with Bumper, I haven't found a more positive force in the work place. He is extraordinary in his diversity, always ready to learn more, is creative with his solutions and is able to work well with others — either by helping evolve an idea himself or recognizing a good idea from someone else. He's a great teammate."

 - Mike, Illustrator

"Bumper is creative, supportive and a positive presence in the newsroom. He's a talented designer with an extremely artistic eye, which you'll recognize right away whether you're looking at graphics he's made or his Instagram feed. He has many years experience in multimedia and has helped the Star-Ledger's transition to a more digital company, and the Ledger has produced some great video and documentary work in recent years, particularly Ledger Live and Being George."

- Jennifer, Multimedia Journalist